I'm an independent software developer and system operator who loves to program.

I have 10 years of professional experience writing and running commercial web applications. These days I focus on Python, Node.js and test-driven development (TDD). I am specifically eager to take part in projects that leverage Kubernetes and/or Apache Kafka.

Currently looking for more projects!

What I can do

Selling words


Leading the move of multiple micro-services from plain Docker deployments into Kubernetes (AKS) for a sensor data storage, aggregation and AI system. Adapting programs to log properly, die when failing, respond to signals, break free from persistent state and otherwise facilitating the scalability of the individual services.


Development of image detection software for a marketing company to filter images picturing a collage. It saved them hours of work every week to avoid manually going through scraped content to pool picture recommendations for end-users.


Creating an independent online ordering system for take-away food for several Oslo restaurants, giving them a more cost-effective alternative compared to commerical take-away couriers. Orders go from customers phone to the kitchen printer.


Rewrote a legacy time tracking web application written in ASP into ASP.NET and C#. Migrated from MS Access to MSSQL and Entity Framework.


You can send me an e-mail at hello@stigok.com.

If you want to, you can encrypt the e-mail using my public key.