I'm a software developer and system operator. I love learning new things and to tinker with computers and programming. Improving every day.

Currently working with Golang, Python, Kubernetes and Terraform.

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Past professional work

Led the move of multiple micro-services from plain Docker deployments into Kubernetes (AKS) for a sensor-data storage, aggregation and AI-supported system. Adapted programs to work together in a container environment, log properly, die when fatally failing, respond to signals, break free from persistent state, and otherwise facilitating their individual scalability.
(Node.js, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure)


Developed an image analysis program to detect images that were combined into collages. Through down-sampling, color-reduction and raw pixel analysis, these images were identified.
(Python, OpenCV, Docker, AWS)


Reviewed a Golang project's code base and its deployment platform to ensure it adhered to best practices, followed security guidelines and validated the intended functionality of the solution.
(Golang, GCP)


Created an independent online ordering system for take-away food for several Oslo based restaurants, giving them a more cost-effective alternative compared to the biggest take-away courier companies. Orders go from the customer's phone to the kitchen printers.
(Node.js, SQLite)


Developed an interactive single-page application (SPA) to help match customer criterias with a large set of products. In collaboration with a graphical designer, we created a highly interactive, statically built web-site, that worked responsively across multiple devices and screen sizes, with focus on UX and usability.
(Angular.js, Grunt.js, Node.js, HTML, CSS)


You can send me an e-mail at hello@stigok.com.

If you want to, you can encrypt the e-mail using my PGP public key.

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STIGOK Selvbyggerveien 90 0591 Oslo NORWAY 914194296 MVA